Growing, Inspecting, Harvesting Oats

Video: Growing, Inspecting, Harvesting Your Gluten Free Oats  Click this video link to learn how GF Harvest follows steps to assure your oats are reliably Gluten Free.

GF Harvest oats are grown, harvested, milled, and packaged in isolation from gluten containing crops.

This purity protocol method of growing is the proven method to create a product with the lowest gluten content possible. We take additional measures during milling to make our product even better.

GFO representatives and employees inspect each field several times during the season. Any suspected gluten containing plants are hand pulled.

Truck loads are individually tested prior to receiving into our mill. Equipment is tested prior to use. Product is batch tested during mill prior to storage in our dedicated warehouses. All of this puts our products in compliance (or better) with the our strict internal requirements, customer and FDA requirements, as well as those of our independent gluten certifying agency.