Pure Hemp Oatmeal

purehempoatsweb.jpgWhy Add Hemp To Oatmeal?  Rethink Oats.

Enhanced protein, Omega fatty acids is the answer.  Nutrition your body needs, that does not naturally occur in Oats.

Move beyond gluten free oatmeal to a higher level of nutrition. Gluten free hemp, added to gluten free oats, creates a nutrition powerhouse for your better health.

Heart-Healthy Gluten Free Oats, Plus The Nutrition Power Of Hemp

All natural PureOats Hemp infused oatmeal, baking, and dinner mixes. Made with gluten free whole grain, high fiber oats.   

GFO Inc. now offers additional products that are infused with Hemp.  Why?  What are the benefits?  Which should you choose?

The tender part of the hemp seed adds a delicious warm taste to the oat mix. Better yet, hemp is a great source of protein & healthy fats, including Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Gluten free oats. THC free and gluten free tested hemp. The powerful combination of these quality ingredients create convenient oat+hemp mixes your family can enjoy and trust!